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Kona Medical Consulting began out of a desire to make life easier for medical professionals. We know that your heart is to deliver the best patient care possible. But managing an office, marketing, IT, billing and a host of other necessary “duties” get in the way.

So we’ve brought together the best in the business in all the areas you need to master to make your practice a success – all within one group: Kona Medical Consulting. And because we help practices, clinics, and healthcare organizations across the region, each client we work with takes advantage of our mastery in each service area as well as the cost benefits of scaled services.


All The Support You Need From One Managed Service Provider


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We are the nation’s only full-scope white-labeled managed service organization and consulting firm.


Our staff has various certifications, such as CMPE and CPPM, as well as hands-on experience. We take pride in providing well-thought-out processes that are endlessly optimized for everything from how to answer a patient phone call to how to compare the raw data from various MRI systems. As we grow, we optimize, as we perform work for clients, we learn, and as we present our data, we are often forced to validate it further.
For example, our staff that performs the Security Risk Assessments have been part of the original task force that built the SRA guidelines since 2017 and has collaborated with auditors during SRA violations. We know both sides of the aisle, as an auditor (OIG, Insurance, etc…) and as a practice managers. We not only helped to pioneer the process, but we helped build the toolkit used by practices nationwide. As we learn ways to improve the system, we develop it far ahead of the regulations.


Our services are all-encompassing, meaning we can provide what you’re asking for as well as everything you didn’t know you needed. With our Business Wellness Exams, we gather data on how a clinic should operate based on analysis from previous exams and identify optimization opportunities. We don’t stop there; we are well prepared to step in and help resolve all of the concerns that may be highlighted during the exam, such as operations, human resources, and marketing.

Kona Medical Consulting wants to be a long-term partner of Wearable Health Solutions. For us to better serve you, we want to go the extra mile on all of our services. Please rest assured knowing that we can help with all aspects of your organization and the direction it is going. Just as we consult and advise similar organizations, we want to participate and implement the knowledge we’ve gathered from related entities.

An Organization’s Best Friend
We enter an arrangement with our clients as a partnership, not in a common declaration heard by most vendors, but as a true partnership. It is self-serving to help Wearable Health Solutions improve because this is how we improve. We take the best knowledge gleaned from best practices & organizations then present them to you. Our goal is to help not only help improve Wearable Health Solutions but all members of Wearable Health Solutions improve as well. That’s why we are an organization’s best friend.

Through our clients and our partnerships, we’ve had direct access to organizations similar to Wearable Health Solutions. As you’ve already witnessed, we can present information on programs, processes, and programs used by other entities. Some organizations exist within a bubble and invent solutions to problems as they come; we’ll help the organization operate proactively by declaring the destination and making well-informed steps toward that goal. Through your members, we’re already intimately familiar with Wearable Health Solutions from their perspective – this adds value to how we will support you.

Why use Kona Medical Consulting?

In fact, we’re the only white-label full-scope managed service organization in our region. Our 15+ years of experience and team of specialized professionals puts you in a position to build a practice or an organization that you’re proud of and that you can sustain over the years.

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Hear what our customers have to say about partnering with Kona Medical Consulting

“Donovan and his team are the best!”

They have put my business on the map electronically! Full service medical marketing. A very methodical, calculated approach to online marketing. I have been working with them for a few years and will be for as long as I am in practice. Thank you for all the amazing work you do for my business!

David Sinawi

“Kona Medical Consulting is simply outstanding.”

Their professionalism and attention to detail are simply stellar and unparalleled.My organization needed significant support and Donovan and his staff have been strategic partners who have helped us with every aspect of our business, including but limited to, important discussions with CMS.In short, choosing Kona might be the best thing that you and your organization may ever do

James Lynch

“My organizations run on Kona entirely”

I manage a couple of DCE’s and ACO’s but everything I learned was from Kona Medical Consulting. Donovan and his team have been at the forefront of every development from CMS to data aggregation. This organization has been infinitely helpful to my development.

Ethan Pabst

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