ABA Billing Solutions
To Drive Clinic Profitability

ABA billing services that guarantee you get paid. On time. Every time.

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Improve Processes

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Save Time

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Increase Revenue

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Close Billing Gaps

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By the Numbers

6 hours

Average claims processing time

24 hours

Insurance follow-up

48 hours

From bank reconciliation to deposit

1 in 12

Upcoding opportunities identified in claims

Put Your Billing On Autopilot

Our full-scope medical managed service organization can take ABA billing off your plate – so you can focus on what your clinic does best: Take care of patients! Run your clinic more effectively and position it to grow with ABA billing services that help you effectively manage patient data, increase patient numbers, improve collections rates and lower denied claims.

With Kona’s ABA billing services powering your clinic, we deliver customized billing and insurance services that help you better manage the revenue cycle. We listen to what you need, discuss ways to help you overcome your clinic’s unique challenges, and then create a specialized package that will deliver on your clinic’s goals. Our services include handling your entire RCM or customizing it for your, and everything from prior authorization to unique Medicaid program payment posting.

ABA Billing Services

Payer Contract Management

Insurance Eligibility

Medical Coding

Payment Posting

AR Management

Patient Statements

Denial Management

Error-Free Charge Entry

Prior Authorizations

AR Clean Up

Medical Billing

Claim Submission

Charge Entry

Payment Posting

Follow-Up & Appeals

Real-Time Insurance Verification


Claim Scrubbing

Automated Patient Statements

EMR Oversight

Credentialing/Payer Enrollment

Patient Collections

Insurance Collections

Revenue Optimization

Revenue Cycle Management help is here

After talking to too many of our customers by asking a single question, “What do you want from your billing?” they all answered, “We don’t want to worry about it”. We want to focus on good care and get paid instead of babysitting the process. In addition, we want to trust that our billers are doing a great job.

Is that sounds like you?

Don’t worry. Kona Medical Consulting is here. We can help you get paid faster, streamline operations and obtain insurance credentials. We provide a comprehensive service that begins with insurance enrollment because of our expertise in navigating through the insurance enrollment process. We find those who attend the process on their miss the steps in the process and don’t have the influence to negotiate contracts and fee schedules.

Billing for your service is what keeps your practice going. Still, it’s also a drain on your resources by increased overhead, denied claims and unproductive time spent on your phone, costly upgrades and continued training expenses. Kona Medical consulting has certified billing coders, and our experienced staff means faster reimbursement for you.

Combining more than 20 years of insurance enrollment and billing practice with the latest technology and virtual office management, Kona medical consulting want to be your resource for providing the turnkey solution for all your practice needs.

Why ABA Billing?

As a medical health provider, you face many issues regarding your billing. Typically medical health providers spend 25% of their time on medical billing, credentialing, prior authorization, social media updates and chasing denied and unpaid insurance claims, of which 30% never get paid. And the ones that come through take 45 to 60 days to get payments. You want more networking to grow your business, but you don’t have the time to do it.

Here we are; Kona medical consulting will help you through this. We will start getting your payment in 10 to 20 days. Also, we will drop your unpaid insurance claims from 30 to less than 2% and your admin work time from 25% to 5%. We will double your customer inquiries, and you can have more time to see patients. You will feel an enormous amount of growth in your business. All you have to do is hire Kona medical consulting, and you are stress-free.

Excellent communication from incredible customer service!

Our professional team will love to hear from you. We call you if something is a mess. If it’s our fault, we fix it, or if it’s your fault, we tell you so we can fix it. In addition, we will regularly meet you to review the activity and fully inform you.

What does that mean?

‍Transparency and fewer headaches. Our excellent customer service means improved cash flow. We routinely find places to build more than our clients have been billing. We chase every denied claim. So you could focus more on your service rather than indulge in babysitting the process.


Our base ABA Billing rate is 5% of collections, or get in touch to inquire about pricing for customized services.

Ready to transform your clinic and position yourself for success?

Grow Your Clinic And Revenue

Invest in ABA billing services while you provide patient-centric care.

Need More Assistance on ABA Guidelines and Billing? Confused about where to begin? At Kona Medical Consulting, we offer comprehensive revenue cycle management that includes provider education.

ABA Therapy providers love us

The billing and revenue are essential to sustaining your ABA practice and reducing waitlists to serve larger groups of such kids with special needs.

scale growth plan

Scale with your organization’s growth plans

KMC has provided ABA-specific billing and collections services for over 7 years. Our ABA billing experts have deep knowledge of the ABA billing process and advise practices on handling specific persistent denials from each payer.

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Understand current ABA billing changes

Team of certified ABA therapy billers and coders with decades of experience. Our team has implemented changes related to the eight new Category I codes and two revised Category III codes for billing ABA therapy services.


Simplified ABA denial management

When claim rejections or denials occur, we deploy a rigorous denials management strategy for our customers. We gain insight as to why the claim got denied, and we work immediately to correct the issue and prevent the denial from reappearing in the future.

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Understand medical ABA billing

Billing ABA services through Medicaid is a constant challenge. With thousands of ABA claims submitted successfully to Medicaid of several states, our team knows the intricacies of billing these mandated services and how to maximize reimbursement for our providers.

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Audit Session Notes

KMC’s team of professionals know that ABA therapist has a lot on their plate. We audit & train ABA providers on taking Session Notes. We help with administrative details like billing and collection. We also advise practices on handling specific persistent denials and delivering better outcomes for clients.


Prior Authorization to avoid audits

Many payers have initiated processes to start auditing the ABA services though there is a Prior-Authorization for most of these services. KMC’s ABA billing services ensure that you have nothing to worry about, even if audited, as we take prior authorization for all the services you offer your clients. Our billing fully complies with the existing ABA and HIPAA rules.

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