Medical Marketing Services in Detroit, MI

Kona Medical Consulting is a total solution medical consulting company in Detroit, MI. We offer medical marketing services on an hourly basis, which means you get as much or as little direction as you need for a fraction of the cost.

We are the only full-service and white-label medical practice management company in the country. We’re trailblazing these processes, so we offer the most current best practices — ones that other organizations won’t catch up to for several years. When it comes to technology, we’re always on the cutting edge.

Medical Marketing

Medical marketing isn’t about selling magic cure-alls or over-the-top promises. We help you find patients that align with your services and make sure they understand what you offer.

We offer services to elevate your digital presence, including social media, digital advertisements, and websites. We’ll even set up easy-to-track metrics and reports so that you can turn your digital visitors into sales leads. Our services also cover traditional physical marketing such as video and photo production, community outreach, and media assets.

All our work is customized and personalized. We conform to your needs and requirements. We don’t have one software or rigid workflow you must follow. We don’t change everything — we take the best of what you’re doing and elevate it.

Our medical marketing services can benefit all kinds of medical professionals and practices, including:

  • Physician practices
  • Home care agencies
  • ABA therapy clinics
  • Concierge doctors
  • Direct primary care doctors
  • Cosmetic practices

We also help various partners and support services that pertain to the medical industry. With our help, you can have more control over your work and more independence to focus on what matters most to you.

If you’re in the Detroit, MI, area, our teams can meet at your location. If you’re not close by, don’t worry. We can meet with you virtually to set up the ideal medical marketing plan for your practice. View our list of services in our online store and call us today at 313.444.0167 to get started.